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"In 2022, we’ve just started to realize what our ongoing needs are coming out of the pandemic. We’re having a hard time finding childcare, we need jobs that provide both a good life balance and a good paycheck, our schools are short on teachers and substitutes, and the roads are STILL in disrepair. We need someone in Topeka who will advocate for our common good. That’s why I’m running."
Top Priorities
Our Schools

Great schools are the best way to attract great businesses and employees to a community, especially when technology allows people to work from anywhere. We all want the children in our lives to receive a good education, to be safe, and to have consistent role models. This is why we need to support policies that keep USD 231 from losing good staff members, provide the best learning environment for our children, and fully fund special education. 

Our Childcare

We know how hard it is to find affordable and safe childcare. Some estimates suggest there are twice as many kids as available placements in Kansas. We need the state to lead the way on private/public partnerships and collaboration to reshape the childcare industry to keep children safe and parents in the workforce.

Our Jobs

We need stable jobs with wages that can keep up with inflation and the housing market in our community. This means we need policies that inspire entrepreneurship, support small businesses, and make way for employee ownership as an exit planning strategy for retiring business owners.

Our Seniors

A good and just society honors the wisdom and contribution of its elders. I'll fight in Topeka to ensure that housing remains affordable for our seniors, veterans, and retirees.

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